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We are a member of the VISION GROUP 21, which was established at the beginning of 2010 by merging companies involved in production, assembly and investment in technologies utilizing alternative sources of electric power. We specialize in solar technologies, hydro-technologies, wind technologies, biomass processing technologies, biogas technologies, steam-gas technologies and thermal technologies.

The original Czech company VISION SWORD was established in 2000; since 2003, it has been involved in activities focused on multipurpose objects and reconstruction of waste water treatment plants, waterways and liquidation of water sludge. In 2006, the VISION SWORD Company started collaborating with company HYUNDAI MMC Korea on construction of a factory in the Czech Republic. In 2010 and 2011, the VISION SWORD Company established VISION GROUP 21 together with its Korean partner and focused on building technologies producing electric and heat power.

Technologies that we apply are utilized in many countries in the world. We are in affiliation with Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., LTD Korea whose technology ranks among the world leaders. In countries where we operate, we realize projects and install technologies or provide technical assistance in projects that save our customers' environment, reduce their dependence on existing sources, increase production efficiency and reduce production costs.

We initially concentrated on photovoltaic technologies, from small household roof installations up to implementation of large several-megawatt installations. Since 2010, we have focused on projects in other segments involving wind power stations or biomass processing technologies.

We are currently working on building bio-thermal power stations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We also build photovoltaic power stations in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and roof installation for industrial parks and households in Switzerland and Cyprus.

Our projects and implementations involving production of electric power from alternative sources within the EU exceeded 80 MW of installed output in 2009-2013. Between 2009 and 2013, VISION GROUP 21 reached a total turnover of more than 480 million EUR. The Group operates under the direction of Hyundai Energy Technology Co.Ltd. Korea and in collaboration with Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.Ltd. Korea.

Members Groups VISION GROUP 21 under the leadership of Hyundai are:

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