Syngas technology

Burning of coal in power plants and heating plants has a negative impact on the environment. Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ashes, heavy toxic and radioactive substances are released into the atmosphere when coal is burned. The syngas technology can produce cleaner fuels from coal and increase its energy yield. The actual process is based on thermal disintegration of coal at the temperatures ranging from 1,200 to 1,500°C, producing a gas free of dust or sulphur. The treated gas contains carbon monoxide and hydrogen and is used as fuel in power generators, cogeneration units or just as a fuel for production of heat.

This technology surpasses the existing technologies in coal-burning heating plants and power plants with its high recuperation efficiency, lower acquiring costs and short building time. The coal consumption is very low, about 1.8 tons of coal per 4 MWe. It is possible to produce 500 kWe - 40 MWe.