Solar battery


Storing power produced by alternative sources in SOLAR BATTERIES - SB represents a unique combination with the power producing technology; we deliver batteries that effectively utilize the electric power.

The produced power can be stored in a battery and returned to the network during a power failure or drop of voltage. The batteries, however, never stay empty. The solar SB batteries can effectively be used in households, small companies, industrial zones and remote areas where a distribution network is unavailable

Solar batteries for feed-in from a backup supply

SBRouter is suitable for countries that purchase electric power on the basis of tariff programs, with frequent network failures. They are integrated in a single compact unit; the SBRouter feeds the grid with solar energy and also guarantees that the battery remains fully charged. In a power failure, the SBRouter switches into the "island mode" and the batteries keep the object under voltage. There are no further cables or convertors. You can only connect the solar panels and batteries to the equipment and start saving.

Everything can be monitored and controlled by internet connection. A web portal provides detailed information about the system (e.g. output, yield, solar energy).