Wind technologies

We offer complex turnkey solutions for building and delivery of technologies for small, middle-size and industrial wind parks.

Hyundai wind turbines

As a strategic partner of the worldwide producer of wind turbines Hyundai Heavy Industries, we deliver HQ Power Curve, AV928 Power Curve turbines with an output of 1650, 2000 and 2500kW based on Fed induction generators or permanent magnetic synchronous generators. A robust and simple design of components such as the rotary control system, gear box and flexible coupler reduce maintenance costs of the system. The wind turbines have adjustable control elements, a lightning protection system and a safety lock, which protects the system against a failure during operation.

Doosan wind turbines

The DOOSAN Company is another important Korean manufacturer and our partner for wind systems. DOOSAN offers WinDS3000 wind turbines with an output of 3000kW. The turbines are equipped with technically innovated blades that increase efficiency and reduce dynamic stress. The aerodynamics and the weight have been optimized; with its length of 44 m, the blade weighs only ten tons. The turbines are equipped with a differential gearbox and a permanent magnetic generator, which can generate a high yield even under a partial load. In addition, if the convertors work at full power, the entire system provides better grid-friendly properties.

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AV928 Power Curve
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HQ1650 / 2000
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